All are Welcome

Online services via Zoom:

9:30 AM


The Sunday service includes inspirational music, hymns, prayer, and the reading of a Lesson Sermon, comprised of passages from the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. Please see below for a list of Bible Lesson Topics.  The Lesson Sermon is read by two Readers, elected from our membership for this purpose.

SUNDAY SCHOOL (also via zoom upon request)

All children and young people (2 through 19 years of age)  are lovingly welcomed in the Sunday School. Students are taught the Ten Commandments, the Lord’s Prayer, and the Sermon on the Mount. Students also learn how to apply the healing message found in the Christian Science weekly Bible Lesson to solve problems in their daily lives.


Infants and children not yet ready for Sunday School receive loving care in the Children’s Room during both the Sunday Service and the Wednesday Evening Meeting.

7:30 PM


Wednesday testimony meetings begin with readings from the Bible and the Christian Science textbook on a topic of interest. During the second half of the hour-long meeting, those in attendance have the opportunity to tell how they have been helped and healed through their study, prayer, and application of Christian Science.


                       Bible Lessons. . .

are studied during the week and provide our  Sermon on Sundays at our services.  They are provided worldwide in our Christian Science Quarterly.  Click here to see / download a PDF copy.

Study Week                        Study/Sermon Subject                                   Sunday Sermon

Sept. 6-12:                         Substance                                                           Sept. 12

Sept. 13-19:                        Matter                                                                 Sept. 19

Sept. 20-26:                        Reality                                                                Sept. 26


Sept. 27-Oct. 3:                 Unreality                                                            Oct. 3

Oct. 4-10                             Are Sin, Disease and Death Real?               Oct. 10

Oct. 11-17:                           Doctrine of Atonement                                 Oct. 17

Oct. 18-24                            Probation After Death                                    Oct. 24

Oct. 25-31                            Everlasting Punishment                                Oct. 31


Nov. 1-7                               Adam and Fallen Man                                    Nov. 7

Nov. 8-14                             Mortals and Immortals                                  Nov. 14

Nov. 15-21                           Soul and Body                                                   Nov. 21

Nov. 22-28:                         Ancient and Modern Necromancy, alias      Mesmerism and Hypnotism, Denounced                                                 Nov. 28

Nov. 29-Dec. 5                   God the Only Cause and Creator                  Dec. 5

Dec. 6-12                             God the Preserver of Man                              Dec. 12

Dec. 13-19                           Is the Universe, Including Man

Evolved by Atomic Force?                             Dec. 19

Dec. 20-26                           Christian Science                                              Dec. 26

Thanksgiving Service       Thanksgiving                                                      Nov. 25